Sunday, May 2, 2010

Newest Canada Post Issues Honor 100th Anniversary of Canadian Navy

On May 4, 2010, the Canada post will release two new issues honoring the Canadian Navy on its 100th anniversary.  These issues will be sold as a booklet of ten and a souvenir sheet (both pictured below).  The Canada Post will unveil the new stamps on Monday, May 3 during a ceremony at the Canadian War Museum

 The stamps, designed by Andrew Perro, are intended to depict the Canadian Navy's past and present.  Perro describes them this way:

"The two stamps were designed as separate artworks, but they appear as one canvas. They share the same painterly sky, marine life and open sea environments. The two ships, though of a different age, appear as part of the same fleet. One of Canada's first warships, the HMCS Niobe, sails alongside a modern frigate, the HMCS Halifax - a feature that speaks to the passage of time, capturing the magnitude of this major centennial milestone." 

Speaking of the contribution stamps can play in a commemoration of this kind, Canadian  Vice-Admiral Dean McFadden, Chief of the Maritime Staff said: “A stamp tells a story and will create a public awareness of the role that the Canadian Navy has played both in war and in peace over the past 100 years. These stamps will be visible reminders that the country is served by men and women of the naval service who safeguard Canada and her values.”

I'm excited to see these new stamps take their place among the many interesting and beautiful stamps of the Canada Post 2010 stamp program.

More information on the Canadian Navy and the many celebrations taking place during 2010 for its 100th anniversary, may be found here.

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