Saturday, June 5, 2010

My Top Five Famous Stamp Collectors

I came across an article the other day revealing that French president Sarkozy has become an avid stamp collector.  It seems that he's even the sponsor of a stamp club called the Elysée Philatelist Club named after France's presidential palace. 

This got me thinking about other famous people who've been stamp collectors.  Here's my list of the top five most famous stamp collectors - based purely on my own somewhat subjective criteria.  By 'famous stamp collectors' I mean famous people who are stamp collectors, not famous stamp collectors.  In other words, their fame is due entirely to something other than their stamp collection.

  • Anatoly Karpov - Former world Chess champion.  He's a topical collector of Olympic stamps and, of course, stamps featuring Chess themes.

  • John Lennon - Former Beatle.  Lennon collected stamps as a child and his album is currently housed in the National Postal Museum.

  • Franklin Roosevelt - US President.  A lifelong collector, FDR took his large collection with him in wooden trunks as he traveled the world during his presidency.  One of the last things Roosevelt did before he passed away in 1945 was to spend an hour or so with his collection.

  • King George V - British Monarch.  Also an avid collector, George V spent as much as three afternoons a week on his collection.  His extensive collection was housed in 328 red albums, each about 60 pages.  These later became the basis for The Royal Philatelic Collection which was continued by George VI and the present monarch, Elizabeth II.
Who would be on your list of the top five? 

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